Your bridge to China

You are new on the Chinese market?  Or want to improve and develop your marketing activities in China?  SP China Consulting offers high-quality solutions for your event, exhibition and PR projects in China.  Our core expertise includes all relevant agency services.  Project and production management as well as high-quality marketing services require close attention to detail.  For your success we are actively involved in every step of the way, from concept to post-event analysis.


Project Management

You are planning an event or exhibition in China?  With our long-term experience and knowledge of the China market, we can china-wide find, brief and coordinate specialized local vendors.  We smoothly coordinate all 3rd parties on your behalf and make your event a great success!

Marketing Services

SP China Consulting offers a broad range of marketing services.  We localize your company’s website, develop, design and upgrade your company’s communication tools and provide copywriting in English, Chinese and German.

Western Etiquette & Behavior Training

Manners matter! Today more than ever… Become polite, thoughtful and self-confident: Refine your style in a professional way with our support and prepare yourself for a future in an international environment.